What is Outsmart?

Looking to make it easier to concentrate at work without getting distracted? Or to get dialled in to your work, study or creative endeavours? Want to stay focused all day, and help fight off that post-lunch sluggishness? Then we have just the thing for you....

Outsmart V2

Outsmart V2 is a blend of nootropics, adaptogens and stimulants designed to help you be more productive. For less than the price of a cup of coffee, Outsmart helps deliver increased focus and concentration thats lasts all day, helping you get more done and making working feel that much easier.

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Product breakdown by Richard Foster of Strom Sports Nutrition

  • Key ingredient: Coffeine®

    Coffeine® is a naturally derived powdered caffeine extract made from coffee beans. Coffeine® is one of the only caffeines that has been naturally sourced and extracted exclusively from coffee beans. Coffeine® increases alertness and reduces fatigue by boosting energy levels.

  • Key ingredient: Lions Mane

    Lion's mane is a mushroom shown to have Neuro protective properties including improvements in cognition and memory as well as assiting with focus.

  • Key ingredient: Rhodiola Roesea

    Rhodiola Roesea is an adaptogen, meaning that they is help increase your bodies resistance to stress in non-specific ways, allowing you to better manage period of work stress. They have also been shown to help fight fatigue and help keep you productive